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Agent Chase

Agent Chase (Jack Amatic) is one of the LEGO agents. Chase is the main character and specializes in dangerous missions. Appears in more sets than any other Agent. He also appears in LEGO Battles as an unlocked hidden hero, and in Kadar Smashers as a personalized minifigure.

Intersting Facts About Chase

1. His acorn smells like rotten chicken!

2. He arrested a lot of bad guys! 

3. There are more crisps in his pubic hair, than in Poland!

4. He can shoot a dog from more than 3000 feets in middle of his testicle!

5. About 32 % people would probably probably vomit after eating small pinch of canadian beef meat from his armpit!

6. He is faster than every of 4 "Semen bros" (rock band).

7. He wash his hands on 11:37 AM on every Sunday since September 2011.

8. About 89% of people could touch his naked buttocks without resistance.

9. His penis' names are unkown, but he measures about 8,95 inches (erect) and about 6,10 inches (sleep mode)

10. Bacteries in his intestines weight 3,798 kg (data from 2007)

11. He is identifed in 98% as a Dupnictwo Citizen

12. He used to like eating rotten husky pudding

13. He had gonorrhea in 2009.

14. Diagnosed with coprophilia in 1991.

15. Born 20th August 1972 in East Hyde (around London)

16. Janil is his idol.

17. He tried to born a baby in 2008 super bowl, but he received only some rotten flesh and 0,8 pounds of excrements with 73% of left bat's wing and only 35% of right...

18. His favourite coffee is Luwak

19. Diagnosed with cecotrope in 1974.

20. Used to play with black rats five times in year (preffered game - 'Turdball')



  • 8631 Mission 1: Jet chase, where Chase Saw Fist in a jetpack.
  • 8633 Mission 4: Rescue a speedboat, where he must save Agent Trace from Jaw and his robot sharks.
  • 8634 Mission 5: Turbocar Chase, in which he must steal a laptop with the latest plans to take over the world by Dr. Inferno.
  • 8635 Mission 6: Mobile command center. This set contains all agents since 1.0. They must stop Dr. Inferno from escaping the high security jail built into the center.
  • 8636 Mission 7: Deep Sea Quest, where he must save some treasure
  • 8637 Mission 8: Volcano base, in the Hell Doctor's hideout, at the Volcano base, must save the Fuse Agent and also destroy the laser.


  • 8969 4-Wheeling Pursuit, where it must stop Dr. D Zastera before dropping barrels of sticky slime all over the city.
  • 8970 Robo Attack, where he must destroy the giant robot.
  • 8971 An air defense unit when it must stop the Magma-Drones from being attacked by LEGO City.
  • 4850307 LEGO Battles, as an unlockable hero unit. He also appears in LEGO Battles as an unlocked hidden hero, and in Kadar Smashers as a personalized minifigure.