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Doctor: Solving this problem with your foreskin mycosis when complicated with your phimosis will be laborious. I suggest three stages of treatment. No bactericidal preparations will be needed, we will simply solve two problems at once. I see that your penis is very neglected. For 54 years of life, you had an uneven opportunity to take care of your work, but you took up drinking whiskey, work, drink beer, drink whiskey, work ... That's how it happens with you. I've never dealt with such a case, after all you are famous, but fame is not everything! You didn't take care of your friend, the most important person in your life. I'm ashamed of you! William is also ashamed! But I won't refuse your treatment for one reason, it will hurt. If someone is going to hurt you, it's just me, because I understand you and know what wrong you have done.

Charge: You had good reviews on the website, so I will trust you, but why all those hints about me?

Doctor: Most of us respect our penises, let them go crazy, give them health care, and do not behave like the last, finished, selfish fucker who would gladly amputate his bird, foal ... and would not feel loss. Such a man is you.

Charge: I'm sorry, doctor, I may leave ...

Doctor: NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! (attaches Charge to the chair) I'm the best and your friend is worth more than $ 1000. Nobody will take care of him than better than I do, certainly not you ... We will operate now.

Charge: I don't want to, I prefer to be operate even by myself.

Doctor: Ah, yes? Where did this care suddenly come from? (goes deep into the office)

Charge: What are you going to do, doctor?

Doctor: I will not use an antibacterial gel. I will collect all the fungal infection at the end of this device, remove unnecessary parts of fungal infection from your acorn and apply everything in the right way to the foreskin to remove one hundred percent phimosis ... the frenulum ... and the shaft fragment.

Charge: You are crazy!

Doctor: The difference between genius and madness is usually small, even smaller than your little friend! HaHaHaHa!

Charge: Wait a minute, Doctor, how do I know this laugh!

Chase (from a distance): Charge, don't panic, I'm coming in! I will save you and your friend in a minute!

Charge: Thanks!

Chase (opens door, the doctor watches him closely): You should have given it to Zill.

Charge: I was ashamed.

Chase (enters with the gun): Dr. Inferno, pull the mask off your face and hands up! ... Zill already knows that surgery will not be necessary and the gel will be enough.

(Charge sighs)

Chase: But now I know about... it!

(Charge starts screaming in panic)