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The year 5028, a cluster of asteroids drifted near to earth. One Scientist thought of an idea to make small facilities on the asteroids so they could test man made inventions.

Several people liked the idea, and in the coming years, the first facility was made. Gama was the name of the facility. It wasn't long till several life forms and machines were tested on that asteroid.

It wasn't until, 5 years later, in 5036, that a cluster of experiments went loose. One Scientist was teaching a one-eyed yellow skinned creature to hack computers, thinking it would be useful someday. The creature didn't liked how the other experiments were kept in captivity.

So one day, around 5:00, the one eyed creature hacked a network of computers, causing them to shut down. He then caused them to overheat and explode. He then escaped the room he was contained in, freed the other experiments, and torched the facility. He then set fire to the other facilities before fleeing the seen. The escaped experiments formed a gang, and called themselves the Black Hole Gang.

The scientists were unhappy. The Facilitys were not rebuilt. Instead, plans for a city under a dome were being made. In the length of 10 years, the city was made. People called it Galactic City, and that became its name.

People started to move into the city, claiming it was a great place to live. The Black Hole Gang somehow made it into the city, and in less then a month, they started to act. They smashed store windows for fun, had Speeder Bike Races in the streets (usually resulting in several accidents for other drivers), robbed banks, houses, and even ate private property!

Things were getting out of hand, and earths Police Force couldn't handle everything. So that is when the Space Police were formed. An organization that protected the people of Galactic City from the loony and and insane criminals of Galactic City.

This chapter was featured in a BrickPost issue, November '10.