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Main Rat Main Rat 4 April 2021

Happy World Rat Day!

Happy World Rat Day for every rat!

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Main Rat Main Rat 20 December 2020

Fucking Migration

I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Main Rat Main Rat 3 September 2020

Rodent Day

"Nymby'm recommended this Nymbility!" - Ruby. 


October 8, 1999, Agent Ratta's headquarters in Shtanghenhein. 

Agent Ratta was absorbed in entering the course of his next successful mission into the journal. His work was interrupted by a loud bell. Agent 
Ratta put a pen in between the pages on which he had finished writing and approached the door quite quickly. When he opened it he saw the face 
former friend Michael Yellars, owner of a longer corporation that designs advanced gadgets that were supposed to 
help agents during the mission. Yellars, seeing the door open, was about to ask who opened it, but early enough he realized that
the door was not opened by a man, but by a relatively large rat. Yellars turned his head down and said:…

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SirComputer SirComputer 10 December 2013

Stuff's been happening.

This picture is a screenshot of what has been going on over at Brickimedia*'s LSW. If you'd like to comment, please do.

(* = Note for Wikia: I am NOT promoting Brickimedia here. I am showing the wiki what is happening... behind the scenes, you could say.)

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CCRunnerGirl CCRunnerGirl 10 April 2013

Funny Slang

Ok, so we all know that you couldn't say certain things on the LU chat. You had to say tree instead of three, and for instead of four. Well, my one good memory of not being able to say certain things in the chat was one of my friends say "Pasta lava sauce". I was like, "What?' It is how you say hasta la vista on the chat. Soooooooo funny! Ta ta for now!

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CCRunnerGirl CCRunnerGirl 3 April 2013

Fish Fights

Ok, so when I play LU, yes, I still think about it, I would start a fish fight. You know the vendor near the Nexus Tower launch pad? Thats the guy! I would spend all my money on stinky fish, and there you go, a fish fight has started! Every single time that I walked through Nimbus Station, people would instantly pull out their stinkly fish. Oh, the laughs I had.

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Tahu97 Tahu97 11 December 2012

Update 11\12\2012

This wikia will be updated soon!

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Tahu97 Tahu97 24 August 2012

News blog:24.8.2012

Hello this is a news update for all of the editors on this wiki ive added badges

ive updated the front page

im coming back!

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TheSlicer TheSlicer 30 May 2010

Custom BIONICLE Wiki

Just a suggestion to those of you that write BIONICLE stories: if you want more popularity with our stories, go to Custom BIONICLEs. It's one of the largest Wikia wikis, with over 6,000 articles, and has over 100 active members!

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Tahu97 Tahu97 11 May 2010


I WAS HACKED O.O the guy user:THE HACKER O.O but he is baNNED NOW

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Tahu97 Tahu97 2 May 2010

names for the toas in bioncle battles

DID YOU KNOW some toas in bioncle battles dont have names well only matapower has a name

the toa of sonics(name needed)

the toa of jungle(name needed)

the toa of fire(not tahu and name needed)

the toa of water(name needed)

the toa of aqua(name needed)


so down i the coments post you names like

the toa of fire(name here)

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Tahu97 Tahu97 1 May 2010

bioncle battles

hello pepole tahu97 here bioncle battle is about bioncle any ways well thats it by from tahu 97 TAHU97 07:14, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

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