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Several Aliens and Robots came. The Astronauts Tried to defeat them.

Commander:Send more Grippers at them.

A cannon Destroyed a well cap.


The astronauts all went into transport ships. The Commander got Gemma, Biff, Gripley, And Pilot onto a transport ship.

Commander:I gathered you all today because of your importance. Biff and Gemma were the first here, Pilot and Gripley are the best pilots, Gripley for mechas, and Pilot for ships.

Two Alien ships were trying to shoot them down.

Commander: Pilot, you know what to do.

The Transport ship turned around and shot one of the ships down.

Commander:Good. Gemma, Go outside and kill the Alien.

Gemma went outside.

Gemma:Get closer.

Gemma jumped on the ship. The ship prepared the lasers. Gemma hit a laser and ripped it off. It fired the lasers. The Transport kept on dodging. The transport was running out of fuel.

Commander:Biff, steal the fuel from the Ship.

Biff jumped on the ships fuel door latch. He opened the door and took the crystal. He jumped back on the transport. The Alien ejected from the ship. It kicked the Gemma off the ship. The transport rescued her. The Alien jumped on the ship.

Commander:Gripley, kill it.

Gripley got in his gripper and crushed the Alien.

Pilot:Theres a stronger crystal on the Radar.

To be continued