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Galaxy City is the capital city of the Keytoid Asteroid Belt.


Space Police III: Black Return

For many years, the city was guarded from Space Crooks, including the Black Hole Gang, by the Space Police. After a carefully divised plan to have most of the officers to betray the others, the city fell under seige to Black the Great. However, Officer Blaze and a few Black Hole gang members saved the city and captured the Blacktron. However, Kranxx and the others left and plundered other cities.

Eventually, other new Blacktron aliens and Black Hole Gang members plundered the city again, but the ones who saved it never came back.

Space Police Logs

For over 190 solar cyclones, Space Police Officers have guarded this city from evil forces like the Ancient Oritetous. 187 solar cyclones later, a gang called the Black Hole Gang started to invade the city; robbing banks, destroying property, and illeagy stealing Hover-Cars. Due to this, the Space Police were revived and to keep there legacy of perfect poliction. Space Police Commando Drake Umagoro started to re-gather officers. With the help of his brother-in-law, Geoff Sinnotro, they re-built Space Police again.

Soon, all members of the Black Hole Gang had been arrested; all except Squidtron, who was finished but was never activated. To take revenge on the Space Police, Squidman activated Squidtron to ask help from the Insectoids Gang. After a devastating battle at the Jail, every single member of the Black Hole Gang escaped, but every single member, except Colony, was then arrested again.

2 solar cyclones later, on Earth, Dr. Inferno found the remains of Oritetous. Soon, he re-birthed Oritetous in his own inamge, all execpt Dr. Inferno's claw. Oritetous escaped back to Galaxy City to seek revenge. By stealing a government rocket, Oritetous made it make to Galaxy City. He re-formed his gang, now causing harm to all who live in Galaxy City.