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gresh is a grass toa in bioncle battles. in 2 he grew into a toa nova

about gresh

gresh is a smart and also very very fast. he can jump very high because of his leaf wings on his his toa form he is lime green but as a toa nova he is dark green. he has also been best friends with Tahu.

episode Appearance's

  1. Bioncle battles episode1
  2. Bioncle battles episode2
  3. Bioncle battles episode 3
  4. Bioncle battles episode 4
  5. Bioncle battles episode 5
  6. Bioncle battles episode 6: the show down part 1
  7. Bioncle battles episode 7:THE FINAL BATTLE PART 2
  8. bioncle battles series2 episode 1:return to matanui island
  9. Bioncle battles series2 episode2:REVENGE
  10. Bioncle Battles Series 2 Episode 3: The War of Bara Magna Part 1


  1. gresh is best pals with Tahu
  2. gresh is armed with a jungle sword
  3. unlike tahu he can swing from tree to tree
  4. gresh has died but Tahu.97 revived him.
  5. Gresh has NEVER met a piraka until BIONICLE BATTLES 2.