LEGO Stories Wiki

Writing a story can be as hard as making a cake without a recipe! But with the right tips, you can fly through it! Here are your first steps to writing a successful story:

  • Make a 'Mind Map' or 'Spider Diagram' showing all your ideas
  • Make sure you include characters, settings and plot. Those are the most important parts of a story!
  • You will also need to plot your Begining, Build Up, Action/Crisis, Solution and Ending of your story
  • Your settings are where you story will be taking place. For example, a bar, a dark gloomy forest or a space lagoon!
  • Your characters are the people or creatures in your story
  • The plot is how things happen

Now you've got that sorted, let's get started on the story! Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention! You choose your title AFTER you've wrote the story! I hope that is all you'll need to write your story! Good luck!

- Super Scribblenaut