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DINOKING: come on then!.

Spy clops: shhhhh.

Chapter 1: the break in!

Fuse:Chase some one has broken in to the musem.

Chase: i know!

Grace: me swift and trace will go and stop them!.

Chase fuse and charge: WHAT?

Trace: ok lets go in the ADU

Chase: no.

Grace: *Turns key* by u guys!.

Back at the musem!

Saw fist: *Cuts and cuts* got them lets go.


Dino king: come on lets go Quickly!

Chapter 2: In the adu (Arieal defence unit)

Grace: We are here.

Trace: look spy clops!

Swift: stop punk!.


trace: swit are you ok?

Swift: yes but Stop them!.

Saw fist:Come on in the Isc (Inferno secret chopper)

Dino lord: So long suckers!

Grace: Trace you pilet while i get on the isc.

Trace: Ok

Grace: *BANG X5*

Spy clops: HY---------YA!

Grace: swift jump!.

Swift: me no way Ok *jumps*

Grace and swift *Bang X10 (5 each))

Saw fist *BANG X50*

GRACE: you have the right to remain sielent....................

dino lord:not so fast * punchs swift into the ADU* go wait stop i lost a gem!

Swift: NANANANANA. i have a gem!

Dino lord: I will get you for this!

Chapter 3: back at the base!

Chase: so we have lost swift?

Grace and trace: yes sir :(

Charge hook and cooper: we will find her..........Right afrter lunch

Chase:Grace dont be so sad we will find her!.

Trace:Yes we will no matter what no inferno to strong no duck too big we will find her no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

To be continued!