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Part 1.


(after Click, Tahu and other robots are kidnapped)

Tahu: Click?...Click???...CLIT! (coughs),  WHERE ARE YOU MOTHERFUCKER?? (cries oil)

Piraka (acid): Hahahahaha, you bunch of pussy, you can always eat some fresh wheels with robot viagra and that's what I want... a... we have your friend! Now you'll be next! (shoots net and gets Gresh!)

Tahu: No! Huh motherfucker, whats this...a shield?  *Roars* No!! What's that?:*unadiable voice* many

Piraka (acid): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Boys, let's go for a weekend to Dupnictwo We'll fuck some Dupnish female robots and human bitches!

Piraka king (acid): That's right my brave apprentice. Let's go!

All kidnapped robots:NOO!!! Like a fucking dogs! He'll rape and kill us as robots! Don't let this killer pimp do this shit! WE A ROBOTS!!! NOT A FUCKIN' DOGGOS! YAAAA!!! WE A ROBOTS!!! NOT A FUCKIN' DOGGOS! YAAAA!!! (sings)

Anonymous robot: Killin' this fucka is oua redemption! We don't wanna to be his slave! it's time to rebel and show this waste who we really are! 


Anonymous Robot: ANALGHYYY! (one robot coughs) We have 12 hours to rescue our brothers and sisters and shitting out that fuckin's Piraka vagina. Maybe in one of their robot anuses are keys! Who has a fuckin' laser?

Baculumun Vagenius F65 ICD-10: I hef dis fuckita... (coughs) Is by this fuckin' toxic drink for grounded anal raped dogs... but I have a laser!

Anonymous Robot: Ok, In this point we go!

To be continued...