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A small space cruiser was circling mars. Then they were getting shot by two Black and Green space ships. The Space Cruiser flipped behind them. It shot one of the alien ships thrusters. The two alien ships combined to form a heavier ship.



The ship was preparing Lasers that could split a ship in half.Gemma gave Biff a space Rench, And gave him these orders.

Gemma:Dismantle the Lasers.

Biff:Wheres my helmet.

Gemma:over there.


Biff went outside. He Jumps on the alien ship. He aims straight for the lasers. He hit one laser and it came loose.He pulled the rest off.He Hit the other laser but it didn't come loose. The laser hit the cruiser. Gemma quickly got her helmet and stayed to one side of the ship. Biff got out his blaster and shot one of the alien pilots. Gemma and half the ship were gonna crash on mars. Biff shot the other alien pilot and got in the cockpit. He followed the remaining half of the ship. He caught up with it and said.

Biff:Gemma Get inside, it's Dual cockpit.

Gemma got inside the second cockpit with supplies from the ship. The ship landed on mars. With some of the supplies Gemma made a communications device. She called earth command. Earth command said they would drop off supplies and reinforcements. Little did the astronauts know, they were being watched. Aliens and Robots Attacked!!!

To Be continued