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12:37 A.M.: Whether this is a fantasy or not, the Black Hole Gang is still out there. In my previous log, I said all of the members were sucked into the black hole. We’re off by an unknown two. It turned out they were apprentices of Kranxx, in which we had not found evidence of any teaching. Ok, I am done with the latest information on what has happened since my last log. Let me speak of what happened yesterday.

It had been a month and a week since the last of the Black Hole gang’s activity. The crime activity was weak ever since. But, a disturbing call had awoken me and the Space Police officers back into the business. You’re probably want it was about. Well, it was about…

Transmission Interrupted.…

Transmission restored.

12:49 A.M.: …and whose house hold was too robbed. It would have killed her unless we came in time. The criminal was Hench, one of the apprentices and a Wood-eating Shark-mouth DX 5 alien. I not sure whether it was truly Hench, because Insectoid XLM, the other apprentice, the Neon-Brother of the Skull Twins, and another TR-Eyelash Alien, has the technology to commit the crime. We sent a letter to all the citizens of Galaxy City to warn others and be alert.

After a wheel check up, I rode in the Max Security Transport into the city. I made it past the Weave-a-Holics store before Neal and Drake contacted me.

“We’ve got a problem,” Neal started off with, “Outside the city, where the 1st Intergalactic Bank of Galaxy City is, is where a bank heist is in effect. We’ll there as soon as possible.”

“Indeed,” Drake continued, “By the way, make sure to capture them both. We may find out about what some plans that were planed by the other members but never happened. Your status (which meant my position on the force) may change if you complete this task. If I was you, I would complete this.” The transmission ended and I was already at the bank. I must have set it to auto-pilot.

As soon as I got out, people were running out of the bank. The bank’s ancient statue of Willa the Witch was missing. People kept crying “Who’s doing this?!?” So, I ran inside to the money vault. The place was empty, but small footstep noises were echoing. The place was pitch black, so I turned on my flashlight and looked around. Nothing. All I saw was some gold and cloth wear (which was odd). I think they had already been worn. I turned around to find Insectoid XLM jumping on to me. I was and am surprised about how much he wieghs. I flipped him on to the ground and shot the door so Hench wouldn’t escape with the gold. I hand cuffed them both and said “You’re under arrest, and so is the entire Black Hole Gang.”

5 minutes later, Drake showed up to pick up the boys. “Late, as usual,” I told him.

“Congrats,” he replied “because you are the newest commando of the Space Police!” I was so happy and surprised. He gave me a salute, put on my new badge, and gave me my new equipment. I got back into the Transport, and head off the Space Police Centrale, happy about my success.

End of Transmission.