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11:57 a.m.: “…Okay, I’ll be there by 6….” I replied on the phone to my girlfriend, Blair, “…Yes, dear….Ok…Bye!” As I hung up the phone, I headed for the garage to get into my hover-car. After my last encounter with Rench, he was fined for the damage. The due date to pay for it is tomorrow, and since he HAS to pay it, I was excited for the repairs. I soon arrived into the car, and was off.

After 27 minutes of singing along to The Facts radio station, I arrived at Blair’s house. She hopped in, and we were off to the city fair. After 10 minutes of driving, weirdly, the car stopped by itself. As soon as it made a full stop, I got out of the car and opened up the hood of the hover-car. Turns out, the car ran out of battery. So, I did the only thing I could do; I called for a cab with my cell phone.

About 10 minutes later, the cab had arrived. Taking one last call for a tow truck to put up my Hover-car, I hopped into a seat. After awhile of ridding, it soon began boring. So, I started a conversation. Soon, we had discussed about Earth. For example, we started talking about Earth’s Sahara Desert and other things.

Around an hour to an hour and a half, the cab ride was over. I had to pay a fare of $23. I grabbed my wallet and grabbed the money I owned. “Looks like we won’t have dinner and dessert under the stars…” I thought.

“Here we are!” the cab driver said, seeming like he had said a lie. Turns out we were a half an hour away. Awkwardly, he kicked us out of the cab. Then the cab driver jumped on top of the cab and toke off his clothes. Apparently, it was Snake, another Black Hole gang member and a yellow Cyclops-Hander alien. “Time to die Space Police!” he cried out.

Snake jumped off the car, almost punching Blair in the face. Dashing away, Snake was starting to chase us. The dew of the grass was making my feet wet as we ran. Soon, we made it to the fair. Then, I thought of an idea. We keep running until we made it to the Strength meter. We hid behind it with me holding the mallet because Snake was hot on our trail.

“Alright then, where are you?!?” he asked.

“Right here,” I replied with a grin as I jump out from behind. I then ran up to the pump and smacked it, sending Snake go flying. Boy, he really flew high. Anyways, I headed towards the dye-your-shirt booth. It seemed like he only wanted to lay there for awhile. Soon, Drake, Sector 2’s commando Ben, and our sector’s trainee, Bobby, all made it to the fair.

“We’ll take care of this,” Bobby proudly said. I hope they did find a good jail cell for Snake, after all the damage he’d caused. At least me and Blair had dinner because I didn’t pay Snake for the cab ride. I’ll give you a hint of what we had: it contained flour. Also, it will disgust you before it’s fully cooked.

End of transmission.