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3:56 p.m.: “Get ready to head outside the city guys!” Drake called out from the railing in the Vehicles’ garage. He soon headed back into the conference room, where I, Commando Ben, Officer Johnny (or as call him “Officer Bad Temper”), and Blair were sitting, waiting to continue our meeting. For an hour meeting, it felt like three hours of boredom. Actually, it felt more like four hours.

“Ok everyone,” Drake re-started, “We have less than a whole hour to complete this mission. As we have been informed by Neal, the Skull Twins (two TR-Eyelash Aliens who work for the Black Hole Gang) and the Spike Hunter (a Morrevian bounty hunter who also work for the Black Hole Gang) are about to blast a laser beam right towards Galaxy City. If he is to succeed, he’ll have taken out more than four-fifths of our city.”

“Then, what we are doing is to stop them with the Hare formation, right?” I responded. I more guessed than responded. What the Hare formation is when the Galactic Enforcer, Max Security Transport, and Space Police Cruiser all use their lasers cannons combined to form a major blast as fast as a hare that can slice items in half.

“Exactly,” Drake said. “The meeting is now over. You all may head back to your positions.” Ben headed towards the Galactic Enforcer, “Bad Temper” went to the back of the Enforcer, Ben went to the Transport, and I went to the Cruiser. The new set really gave comfort to my back. After the back strains due to running away from Snake for about half an hour, I think the seat helped to heal them.

It was time to leave Galaxy City towards the outer rim of Keytoid Asteroid Belt. The coordinates told me that we were heading to Squidman’s Pitstop, a suspicious pitstop that has many tricks up its sleeves. I heard that the pitstop was full of illegal weapon, waiting to injure someone. I also heard that they are up for hire. Anyways, we soon left the city and were outside the glass dome that keeps our city rich with oxygen. Heading into the asteroid belt, I saw the Pitstop on an asteroid. I knew it was the pitstop because a laser exactly like how Neal described was in front of it. The pitstop also had a Black Hole Gang sign that was at the tippy-top of the pitstop.

I started up the laser cannons. So did Ben and Drake in their vehicles. We all were ready to make the Hare formations. While we were passing around the pitstop, I sore I heard the Spike Hunter say “Well, looks like we have a guest. Three to be precise. Get them boys!” With a flick of a switch, done by the Skull Twins, the sign turned in a 180 degrees angle. It revealed a system of missiles that were started to be fired at us. Thankfully, we were ready to fire the Hare formation. But, when we did, it didn’t work. The missiles were coming in close, but a sparkle of something deep out in space shot the missiles before they could hit us. Then, I saw that it was a Space Police Officer. When I saw the red hair the officer, I knew it was Jack in our Undercover Cruiser! He had come to save our butts!

What I did not see coming was the fact that he shot the right heel of the Spike Hunter. I saw that the Hunter was in pain because he was hopping on his left foot. Any higher and we could have been in trouble. In fact, the Spike Hunter had started to groan from the awful pain he was experiencing. I put on my oxygen tank on and helmet so I may arrest the three. Seeing that they were about to be arrested, the twins turned the laser off and headed off in their Hyperspeed Runner.

“Stay here you four,” Jack announced, “I’ll go after them. If I do, I will have grown more into a man.” He turned around and headed after the twins.

“Did you guys hear what he said too?” I asked. I thought it was a bit strange, but left it alone. Later yesterday, I went home, thinking about what Jack did. It sort of reminded me of how Earth farmers have their sheepdogs herd sheep. I soon forgot about it, remembering my car was fixed while I was doing my job.

End of transmission.