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5:45 pm: “Another hour has been past and yet no response from the crew,” my old friend, Agent Harry, said to the members of the sector. We all were having a party for the M-Tron astronauts as they return from a Black Hole with the 18th generation Space technology. There hadn’t been any notifications from the crew about it if it safe or not, but we kept our patience. Apparently, “Bad Temper” didn’t and cost me 20 Spyrius dollars for the meat I bought. Yet everyone kept quiet until it was too late. Well, I know that “Bad Temper” won my anger.

I thought it was about time that I introduced Harry to Drake. I missed my first chance thanks to “Bad Temper” to do this, but I hoped it would go well my second time. Just before I could get them to meet, a response from the crew was announced on the TV. We were watching the Black Hole camera that showed the ship’s claws ripping through the Black Hole. But, it wasn’t the M-Tron’s ship; it was Oritetous’, a genetic human re-born in the Agent’s worst enemy, Dr. Inferno, image, Peace Destroyer! It was quite the scare. One reason why was because Bobby dropped his piece of cake, his favorite party treat.

“If you people want the M-Tron astronauts back, you Space Police can battle me in the 11.Mist Belt. HAHAHAHAHA!” He cried into his hacked-in microphone. What a Ms. Laughs-a-lot (even if he is a male). A principle of being an officer was to help the ones in trouble. But, only one person was going to follow this: myself. It seemed everyone was in a trans. I dragged Drake, Ben, and Harry all into the Galactic Enforcer and made my way into the cockpit. To get there, I had passed everyone else I considered bringing. It was like they were all medical patients all waiting in silence to have a check-up. It was plain freaky.

I/we were passed the Fu-G3 planet and coming near the belt. I/we soon entered the Mist. It all came to this point. Oritetous was the predator, and we were the many preys. He was the Principal and I was the student. Then, his voice echoed through the ship: “You all should give up on your prays for their safe return because there is no way you can defeat me.” Those poor men. Who knew what torment he gave to those astronauts? I quickly put it on auto-pilot to pour myself some hot chocolate, as it calms me down. I came back to the cockpit to find a UFO-7G5 airo-Plane come straight as the Enforcer. I quickly pulled the controls up and took charge again. It turned out to be the Unidentified Smuggler (as the name suggests we do not know much about him). I praise the fact that he had some much good accuracy, but I knew of something for sure: It was a trap.

Transmission interrupted