Space Police Log 8: The Battle at Sea

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Transmission resumed.

5:54 pm: It was just great. An entire gang of super criminals against one Space Police Officer, me, with three allies frozen. I wished it wasn’t real, but it was. The Unidentified Smuggler had came right back and this time firing laser blasts at me. I escaped but also fled the scene. Out of nowhere, the ship started to flash in red. I found out why; he shot one of the Enforcer’s engines. I took control again and tried to take it down. That didn’t work. I crashed the thing into the Rerth Sea on Planet Ferge-3f-9. I became unconscious with a glassy stare looking at the endless sea.

After that, I gained conscious a few times before I completely gained consciousness. The most important time was only a glimpse. I saw Agent Harry, thankfully not frozen, trying to get the commandos to awaken. I made an odd whimper, and he turned to his left to see me. He sighed, came to my need, and I went unconscious again. At least he had seen me. Some time after that, I truly came through. I was on my side and on a bed. In an instant I knew what I was on; the Undercover Cruiser, so I headed up to the cockpit. There, the three were sitting and working at some positions.

“Oh, you’re awake!” Ben said, “Boy, did we do a lot for you. Harry here snapped us out of out trans (I knew it) and got out the emergency row boat. He rowed us to safety. We landed on to an island were we lifted you up the unexpected road. We came upon Sector 5’s satellite, asked an officer if we may borrow it, and here we are now! Also, the sum of the time we’ll be able to leave the atmosphere is 15 minutes.”

I didn’t have much to say. I headed back to the cabin and started to read. Then, I started to write a random letter. I was bored after all. If you were by the cabin for awhile, you would have heard a lot of sighs.

The fun didn’t start until a blast shook the ship all around. Because there was a back laser port, I went to see who it was. It was The Brickfather, a XD-IP alien who is a trickster and wears a lot of purple, in his Lunar Limo. The size of that thing. I hopped into the seat when he wasn’t noticing and shot of his skeleton head hood ordainment off. He must have seen that, because the next second, he was shooting us down. Then, I had an idea. I grabbed a fishing pole from behind and started to reel things off of his limo. Before he knew it, I had reeled in the limo’s engine. The limo went into the water and The Brickfather rode off in a different vehicle. I was right about him somehow fleeing.

I went back to my cabin, again becoming bored. To kill time, I looked a stair. I was that bored. I went back to reading the book from earlier. It was about a man and his son on the streets of Moratic City. They would sew people’s pants back together for money, food, shelter, or clothing. What a sad story, but I never got to finish it. That is because an hour later after I re-started my book, the ship crashed and shook, sending me to the cockpit to see what happened and what we had crashed into. I just hopped we had something good happen to us, after all we have been through lately.

Transmission interrupted.

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