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Transmission resumed.

6:00 pm: What I saw through those doors that led to the cockpit was horrifying. The steel walls were cut open, Drake, Ben, and Harry were all bruised up, and the Undercover Cruiser was being devoured by a black hole! I threw up the switch that caused the cockpit to shift into the back of the cruiser. Seeing that the black hole was coming towards the cockpit, I lifted the three to the escape pod. I was surprised the their weights were easy to bring aboard. The tide just sent us flying towards land, which turned out to be the side of the lighthouse-shaped warehouse where the black hole devoured.

Very quietly, I snuck around the area. Then, I noticed an Infer-red beam in front of me. I grabbed two pebbles and tossed them on the beam. After that, there was no more pebbles. I took a step back and blasted the beamer. After that, I made a run for it so I wouldn’t breathe in too much smoke. Soon, I came upon a dead end. I looked up to find a balcony. I grabbed my grappling hook, tied a knot around my belt, and shot the hook on to the railing of the balcony. Pressing the button, I was lifted up and got myself up to the balcony. A door showed me all of the members of the Black Hole Gang around the machine controlling a black hole!

At first, I thought they’re going to destroy the planet, but I overheard Oritetous say they were going to destroy Galaxy City! I couldn’t let that happen. I would rather die than have millions of innocent people be killed from a black hole. This was war. I started to run towards the machine that controlled the black hole. Apparently, Colony saw me and cried out “Drop the ’thrones’!” They are special gas bombs shaped into crowns. They started to drop some. I dodged some, but I caught and threw one at Snake, who was charging towards me. He was blinded, but I felt a grab at my belt. There is only one reason why he would have: Snake tried to steal my blaster. Once the gas wore off, Snake came charging after me. Now he was on my tail.

“This is a fairy tale, fool!” he shouted, “There isn’t a happy end, because we shall win!” I grabbed my blaster and shot him. He was stopped, but there was no way I would wait for him. Every member that came my way was blasted.

“Her-Wraaaaaaaaa!” Snake cried as he charged at me again. That wasn’t smart, because I dodged him and Snake ran into the machine, destroying the black hole and itself. I thought the result would vary, but the black hole returned and gradually grew. The place started to collapse inside to it! I ran to the jail cell where the M-Tron astronauts were held. I blasted the lock off, and the astronauts escaped. We all ran and picked up Drake, Ben, and Harry, brought them to the Undercover Cruiser, which was spited out from the first black hole, and flew off. They were a wieght full. The final words from the Black Hole Gang and Oritetous were “We shall return, Geoff Sinnoro!” Know they were toast, I flew off with a smile on my face.

End of Transmission.