Space Police Logs

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The Space Police Logs are stories about day-before memories of Space Police Officer Geoff, who always tries to protect Galaxy City from robberies, vandelation, and etc. caused by the mischevise Black Hole gang and other gangs.

The sequal series is called The Prickfather Saga. It stars The Prickfather.


It has been 5 years since the return of the Space Police. They are a police force under oath those in need outside the Earth. With 20 sectors covering over each a light year of space, they are the universe’s best hope of intergalactic peace.

Sector 1, led by Drake Umagoro, have been the best of the best. All of their members have been professionally trained and up to standers. Even the commando of Sector 2, Ben Chill, has joined forces with them. Sector 1’s main perimeter is Galaxy City, located in the Keytoid Asteroid Belt. They are the only Sector to be active of this moment other than Sectors 2 and 5.

The Black Hole Gang is the top priority for Sector 1. Consisting of 14 members, they are the most villainous gang in the universe. It is unknown why they only attack Galaxy City, but one thing is known; they all of have a grudge on Geoff Sinnoro, the best Space Police Officer of his time.


Space Police Officers

  • Officer Geoff Sinnotro
  • Space Police Commando Drake
  • Space Police Commando Ben
  • Informant Blair
  • Undercover Informant Neal
  • Trainee Bobby
  • Officer Jack
  • Officer "Bad Temper"


  • Squidman
  • Squidtron
  • Kranxx (Mentioned only)
  • Rench
  • Frenzy
  • Snake
  • Slizer
  • Skull Twins
  • Colony (Mentioned only)
  • Oritetous
  • Unidentified Smugler
  • Spike Hunter
  • The Brickfather
  • Hench
  • Insectoid XLM


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