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BOOM. The whorehouse exploded. It was all gone, blinding those who were near in a barrier of ash and smoke. Gears, springs, and Intelligence Chips flew everywhere in the cold Night. "That was a close one, wasn't it Prickfather?" Rench said to me.

"Indeed. All five of those warehouses of androids have been terminated," I replied, "I'm heading off now."

"Thanks again. Until we meet next time." And so both of us headed our separate ways. I headed to into the city, never once looking back. All around, news holograms were reporting the explosion, using security tapes to determine who the culprits were.

Making it to my destination, I walked in and sat in a booth, tipping my hat down and taking my necklace off. For a moment, I thought I was off the hook. Then, the doors opened. He came in, and sat right down in the same booth. "Prick Daddy," He said.

"I still go by The Prickfather Geoff," I replied.

"Well then, Prickfather," Geoff said, "All of us at Space Police Central know. We also heard the news: you are no longer the leader of the Black Hole Gang. Then again, almost no one is."

"Yep, only Snake." I angrily responded.

"Well then listen: I have been assigned a solo mission to the Acid Swamp belt to hack into Snake's android factory there. How about you tag along? After all, you do have a score to settle with him for tricking you into resigning." I thought for a moment.

"Why not," was my response. In so, we headed out to what was the start of my master revenge plan.

This chapter was featured in a BrickPost issue, October '10.